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A photo shows several Paris VIP Services clients returning to their private jet.

Wedding - Chauffeur at Disposal in Paris

Chauffeur at Disposal in Paris / Promotional price for Layan & Alireza Weedding (Tax & Fees excl.)

  • From 470 euros
  • Pick-up at the address of your choice

Service Description

Experience unparalleled elegance and comfort with Paris VIP Services as you journey to the Paris airports. Our seasoned chauffeurs are dedicated to providing a seamless and opulent transfer, ensuring your trip to the departure terminal is as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. Secure your booking now and embark on a journey characterized by supreme comfort and distinguished class with Paris VIP Services. Paris VIP Services....MUCH MORE THAN JUST A BLACK CAR COMPANY PLEASE note the following Terms of Service: 1. **Minimum Duration**: The minimum duration for any "On-Disposal" driver service rate is 4 hours per day per driver. 2. **Continuation of Service**: If you wish to extend beyond the minimum duration, you may keep the same driver provided they are not already reserved for another service. If they are unavailable, we will offer you an alternative driver and vehicle. Ordering an 8 or 12 hour driver may be advisable if you intend to use the service for the entire day to avoid a change of driver or vehicle. 3. **Additional Hour Charges**: Any additional hours beyond the minimum duration will be charged at a rate of 141 EUR per hour. 4. **Tolls and Parking Fees**: Tolls and parking fees are not included in the service and will be charged as extra if utilized. 5. **Additional Charges**: Waiting time exceeding 15 minutes, additional stops, and other supplementary services will result in an increase in the final price, charged at a rate of 141 EUR per additional hour. 6. **Billing Hours**: All hours are rounded for billing purposes. 7. **Indivisible Packages**: All service packages remain indivisible and will be invoiced in full. 8. **No Refunds**: There are no refunds for unused services or partially used packages.

Please contact us for any other request:

+33 7 80 96 83 68

45 Rue des Vignes, Paris, France

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