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A photo shows a greeter at the airport welcoming one of the VIP clients of Paris VIP Services.


A unique offer

The "Welcome to Business in France" offer is a unique service dedicated to the business clientele staying in France for a few days.

This offer is particularly aimed at companies hosting their VIPs, prospects and clients in Paris, as well as companies sending their employees, executives or VIP representatives to Paris for a short stay.

We understand how much the after-work experience of these stakeholders matters to the success of their professional journeys and consequently to the companies themselves.Thus, we grant tailored “Besides‐Work" services to offer the business customers, and their accompanying families, comfort and personalized services, which will perfect their professional journeys and will make them memorable.

These Besides‐Work services can be provided during working hours, in the evening after-work or during the weekend as the client wishes: 

VIP airport greeting at the exit of the plane and premium transportation to Paris

Tailored professional chauffeured services

Trendy or Michelin starred restaurant bookings 

Bespoke visits and outstanding circuits

VIP personal shopping

Personal assistance

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